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Trouble Shooting


Please check the format, file name, and file path. See details below:

a. cubiio supports 8-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit uncompressed BMP files with extension .bmp and text g-code files with extension .txt. Please be
sure that you are using the right format.

b. Copy your files to the folder named “cubiio” in the root of your micro SD card.

c. Use half width underline, English, and digit characters only, and limit the length to less than eight characters. For example, 12345678.txt
and _myfile.bmp are valid file names.


There are two small black positioning pins on your bottom plate of CubiioShield. Please fasten them and then try again.

Alternatively, you might want to turn on expert mode. ( See instruction
no. 5, Sec. 4.3.3 of the manual for details ) 


Please verify your micro SD card with your PC, you may need a micro SD card reader. Use another card if it was found defected. We recommend using micro SD cards that do not exceed 16GB.

The micro SD card that comes with your cubiio is brand new, and the
manufacturer is ADATA. It would be helpful to contact ADATA if you
found problems with your micro SD card. 


Since cubiio has a full-metal body and the BLE abilities of phones vary, it recommends that the distance between your cubiio and your phone should be less than 1m and do not shield the antenna of your phone so that the connection could be more stable. 


Please check following steps:

a. Make sure turning on Bluetooth on your phone but DO NOT pair

b. Make sure turning on location sharing.

c. Authorise Cubiio Remote to use location information if it asked.

d. Power off and then power on your cubiio.

e. Entirely turn off Cubiio Remote and then relaunch it.

f. Try to scan again.

* cubiio uses BLE technology, so it does not need to pair with phones.


It might take more time to establish the connection when the Bluetooth signal is weak. Simply relaunch Cubiio Remote and try again. If still can’t solve the problem, please restart your phone. 


cubiio can detect shock and vibration. It stops working when a shock or large vibration happens. On the other hand, cubiio stopped if the input power was unstable. Please keep in mind that cubiio requires stable 5V 2A input power or it results in unpredictable behaviors.


cubiio keeps working when Cubiio Remote is closed so that its work does not be interrupted when answering phone calls or text messages. Relaunch Cubiio Remote, and it shows the latest progress.


Please update to the latest Cubiio Remote. Enter “Adjust Central Position” in the setting menu after connecting to your cubiio, and then follow instructions to relocate the laser dot to its central position. 


Power off your cubiio, and then power it after 5 to 10 seconds and try again.

Email our support team at if this happened frequently.

Sales Questions


Yes, cubiio has one-year warranty.
*Rewards obtained from crowdfunding campaign(Kickstarter, Indiegogo)are not covered under this warranty.
*Warranty Policy (Consumer Limited Warranty)

Technical Questions 


cubiio supports 8-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit uncompressed BMP files with extension .bmp and text g-code files with extension .txt.


Yes, cubiio needs micro SD card all the time. cubiio follows data in the micro SD card to work. All files are stored in the mSD card including photos and drawings that are transmitted from your cell phone.


The expected lifetime of cubiio is 10000 hours, and there are no consumables. However, filters in CubiioShields are consumables. It can
be replaced when the performance is getting lower.


The result of processing varies based on what material you work on. There is a table shows several examples on our website. However, always do tests before your work to find the parameters you want.


No, cubiio does not have a built-in battery, and there is not any plan to change this design due to safety reasons.


It is possible to connect graphics with previewing. By doing this, cubiio can engrave graphics that bigger than its working range.


In Cubiio Remote, power means the output power of laser source, and speed means the moving speed of laser dot. While using BMP files, the power ratio is the ratio of actual output power to the maximum output power of cubiio, and the speed ratio is the ratio of actual speed to the maximum speed of cubiio. While using G-code files, the power ratio is the ratio of actual output power to the output power set in the G-code command, and the speed ratio is the ratio of actual speed to the speed set in the G-code command. The instruction suggests setting maximum power and speed in G-code files so that beginners do not get confused.


cubiio is a laser engraver, so the reactions to the laser beam of materials affect processing results directly. For the same material, it achieves different result with different sets of output power and moving
speed of laser dot.


Use lens tissue or lens-cleaning cloth to wipe the dirt. Never try to
disassemble cubiio by yourself.


cubiio uses a highly focused laser beam to burn materials, so it is normal that it smells like burning things.


No. Bluestack emulator does not support Bluetooth functions.


Please download the template for Inkscape on the website The working range is properly set in it.


The safety code is used to ensure the operator is authorized. It is a part of the safety principle. The app asks operators to provide correct safety code every time before firing the laser beam.

*Please remember your safety code carefully. It is required to send your
cubiio to support team to reset it.


The absorbing ratio of white papers is low, so it not easy to process white papers. Besides, some functional white papers might have special
surfaces that makes the absorbing ratio even lower.


Simply search “Cubiio Remote”both on App Store and Google Play. The iOS version is iPhone only now, so people who want to install on iPads should use the filter to find iPhone only apps before searching. It supports iOS 10+ and Android 4.4+.


Since Android is an open-sourced operation system, manufacturers can modify it to fit their products. Therefore, it is possible that anufacturers close BLE function and then let their customs upgrade the system to Android 4.4 through their official system upgrade service. It could happen to cell phones that were designed for Android 4.2 and below and then upgrade to Android 4.4.
Since there are lots of Android phones, we do not have enough
resources to test all Android phones.

Please report to if you have this issue and our service team can do the statistic and share with other users? 


cubiio requires stable 5V 2A input power. The power supply comes with CubiioSheild is a power source that meets this requirement. It is possible causing unrecoverable damage to cubiio while using unstable input power.

Contact if you have any problem. We will assist
you as soon as possible.

*Please include the following information in your support request email.

1. Serial number.

2. The OS version of your phone system.

3. The version of Cubiio Remote you are using.

4. A detailed description of your problem including steps that how

you use cubiio. It would be hugely helpful if you have a video.

5. The model of your phone.

6. The model of your power source.


Simply touch the round silver pad for about 1.5 seconds to stop

(Muherz reserves the right to revise above contents without further notices.)

Please send us a support request when you need further supports.
We usually reach you within two workdays.
The letter must include the information below
(It will help engineers to solve the issue faster)

(1) The serial number of your cubiio.
(2) The firmware version of your cubiio.
(3) What kind of the phone and the version of the APP you use?
(4)Please describe the details of the issue.
(If you can provide photos or videos is better)

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